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I’m Kiubi, nice to meet you.

What is kiubi standing for ?

I wanted to publish a fun website (a bit less professional than my portofolio or my blog)

Closer than what anybody else thought

I’ve created a Discord server for those who want to join the community

Who’s behind all of this ?

I’m Johan, in the process to be a professional IT guru and have a lot of love and fun building websites for people.

To be bilingual french-english and living in Switzerland is also very cool and usefull.

If you want to know more about me, look on the About Me page.

From websites.

To visuals.

“It’s time to change the future and start to have fun.”

Johan Crocoll

aka Kiubi

Want to join the community ?

Just click on the link to be added on the Discord Server !

This will be a place for you to meet other nerds in our geeky world, but everybody is welcome to join us :).